Kelsae Onion

Known as the Kelsae Big Onion, it was bred in the 1940s by Alfred Breed senior at Mertoun Gardens near St Boswells and then passed on to his son Alfred Breed around the mid-1970s.

One of the distinguishing features of the Kelsae Big Onion is its remarkable size. Under ideal growing conditions, it can reach a diameter of up to 12 inches (30 centimetres) and weigh several pounds. However, it's worth noting that achieving such large sizes requires optimal growing conditions and expert cultivation techniques.

In terms of appearance, the Kelsae onion has a pale yellow or straw-coloured skin, which is relatively thin and papery compared to other onion varieties. The flesh is also pale in colour and has a sweet, mild flavour, making it more enjoyable to eat raw compared to stronger-tasting onions.

Kelsae Big Onion

The Kelsae onion is typically grown as a long-day onion, meaning it requires a significant amount of daylight to form bulbs. It is well-suited for cultivation in regions with long daylight hours, such as northern areas with cooler climates. The onions are typically planted in the spring and harvested in late summer or early fall.

Due to its size and mild taste, the Kelsae onion is often favoured by exhibitors in vegetable shows and competitions. It has gained popularity for its impressive appearance and the challenge it presents to growers who strive for exceptionally large onions.

Overall, the Kelsae Big Onion is a unique and notable variety known for its size, mild flavour, and suitability for exhibition purposes. If you're a fan of onions or interested in horticulture, it can be a fascinating variety to explore and cultivate.

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