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The big onion Ailsae was bred in 1986 by Keith Foster, then Head Gardener to Lord Zetland in Richmond North Yorkshire.

It was from a cross between the onion The Kelsae and a very good Ailsa Craig selection, only about 12 flowers were allowed on the mother bulb, these were kept isolated in a special screened-off area.

The resulting seeds were very large and healthy. These were sown in December 1987 and produced many big onions with one weighing 9lbs - 3oz, not that big by today's standards, but very big then! , in September 1988, it broke the world record.

It was then reselected for a good number of years, it again broke the world record in 1995 with an onion weighing 15lbs -15.5oz.

It had been on trial both in the UK and in Holland from 1994 to 1998 with the relevant authorities to be included on the Official National List of Vegetable Varieties.

It was granted as a unique big onion variety on 27/03/1998 and named Ailsae.

The Aisae big onion is also responsible for many other records. There are only 2 known registered big onion strains, Ailsae and Kelsae.

Ailsae Big Onion History

We supply 60 seeds, usually more, Graded 2.4mm or above to produce a high (TSW) Thousand – Seed Weight for a strong germinated seedling.

The Ailsae big onion belongs to and is maintained by Fosters Seeds.

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