Tomato Pannovy F1


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Tomato Pannovy F1 Seeds

Outstanding round-shaped tomato with a beautiful calyx. Lovely shiny deep red skins and will keep for many weeks in perfect condition.

These fruits are without hairline cracks, gold specks or blotch. Excellent flavour: fruits are never “watery” or “mealy”.Grows at lower temperatures than most F1 s and has good resistance to Botrytis. Will show very well in sets. A good variety with only short intervals between trusses. Highly disease resistant. Vigorous tomatoes, all show tomatoes should be thinned for the best size and shape. Highly Recommended. Trim to 5 fruits per truss for exhibition purposes.

The modern F1 s tomato seed are expensive to produce but the cost of the seed is great value when you see the crop this variety produces.

Growing Info
Sow in the greenhouse or in a propagator in clean seed compost in January and February at a temperature of 22c. Transplant the young seedlings into small Pots, and grow on at 18c. Plants in good soil beds apply general fertiliser at 75 grams to an SQ Meter.

Hints and Tips
Grow warm. Use soil where possible, tomatoes are much better in soil beds. Feed at every watering with a high potash feed.

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