Onion Ailsae & Toughball F1 (bundle)

Toughball F1 & Ailsae Exhibition Onion Seeds (Bundle)
15% saving for two of the best variety of exhibition onion seeds


Ailsae Big Onion Strain World Record seeds
Ailsae Big Onion Seeds
Onion Toughball F1 seeds
Onion Toughball F1

Onion Toughball F1

The Onion Toughball F1 is a deep golden brown onion with skins that do not split easily.
One for the kitchen and the show bench. Winner of thousands of red cards on the show bench.

  • Onion Toughball onion seeds are supplied in packets of 120 (usually more)

Ailsae Exhibition Big Onion

The Ailsae big onion has been the holder of many records and is one of our best-selling products for big. onion exhibitions
Given the right culture,  the Ailsae big onions are easily capable of achieving over 8 kilos in weight.

  • Ailsae onion seeds are supplied in packets of 60 (usually more)

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