What Are Big Onions

Big onions, as the name suggests, refer to onions that have a larger size compared to standard onions. While the size can vary depending on the specific variety and growing conditions, big onions typically have a circumference of around 22 to 30 inches (55cm to 76cm) or more.

Large onions, including big onions, can be featured as part of exhibitions, especially if they are notable for their size, shape, or other unique characteristics. They may be showcased individually or as part of a collection of various onion varieties. These exhibitions provide an opportunity for growers to showcase their expertise and for visitors to appreciate the diversity and quality of onions.

ailsae big onion seeds from fosters seeds
Ailsae Big Onion Seeds

The Ailsae Big Onion

The Ailsae Big Onion is a cross from an Ailsa Craig selection and the Kelsae onion and was bred in 1986 by Keith Foster, hence the name Ailsae.

The world record for the big onion was broken in 1986 at the Autumn Harrogate show in 1988.

We only sell genuine seeds and the Ailse Onion is registered on the EUPVP - Common Catalogue.

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The original breeder of the World Record Big Onion Ailsae in 1986, I have a wealth of knowledge in growing big onions

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